“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”

I am John. I was always a wondering child, asking my parents why do some things happen like they do. Mom used to tell me to stop "philosophizing" and start doing things. I have never stopped.

- What am I already doing for the others? -

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Teaching computer science at
St Ursula High School  

Volunteering at dekk.sk
(IT architect) - solving social cohesion(trust) problem in Slovakia

Leading seminars at Academy of great works

Recently, I have been admitted to the best in the world Master of Arts in Liberal Arts program at St John's College in the US starting this fall. I have an opportunity to join the ongoing western civilization conversation. At St John's we are going to study primary texts of the greatest minds of western civilization, the works tested by time. I will join the ongoing western civilization conversation with the authors and with my classmates, the conversation that has been shaping our civilization for centuries.

I already managed to get financial aid for half a tuition, but it is still not affordable for a Slovak student.

I call you for an adventure! Let John go to St John's!

- My vision -

  • My plan is to get the most I can from the study and continue with the PhD program. (join computer science with philosophy - yes, it is possible) Computer scientists need philosophers to help them solve ethical questions regarding AI and nanotechnologies and philosophers need scientists to test their theories on the real world data.
  • I would like to give what I was given, and I would like to teach at the university in Slovakia when the time is right! Teachers should be the best of the best to teach the future generation.
  • Since I am already a high school teacher and the concept of liberal arts sounds amazing to me, I hope to learn the method better, so that I can teach with this method even during my lessons.

- How can we make this happen? -

Tuition without costs of living is $38 232 = 32 508 

I already managed to get scholarships for half of it + I managed to save 5 000 € in last five years while I worked parallel to my studies (minimum wage in SK is 400 €). That makes it  32 508 - 16 254 - 5 000 = 11 254 €. 

To sum up, I need you to help me with 11 254 € for tuition fee.

To make my vision come true, I ask You to share this to people that could help or send me 

... 500 € to pay roughly for 2 study weeks.

... 100 € to pay roughly for 3 study days.

... 30 € to pay roughly for 1 study day.

... 10 € to pay for one - day food.

My bank account:

SK03 0900 0000 0051 1419 1186

Please enter payers reference:

John to Johns

Thank you in advance!

Let John go to St John's!

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- "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. " - J.R.R. Tolkien